• New Bulletin 42

    We present our new Bulletin no. 42 that contains articules about Hate and other crimes against the LGBTI population, the Olopa Sit-Ins: “We are determined to keep fighting”, about Communities that raise their voices about the climate crisis as well as in the News from our work section we highlight the risks organizations and communities are facing doing their work in Petén.

  • Starting debate for the 41 girls burnt in state custody

  • #GlobalClimateStrike

    To avoid climate breakdown, we must protect those who protect the environment. Read pbi's statement.

  • UN experts concerned about indigenous leader Bernardo Caal convicted in retaliation for opposition to Oxec hydro project

    Since January 2018, Bernardo Caal of the Peaceful Resistence of Cahabón is in prision. In November 2018, he was sentenced of illegal detention and robbery with aggravation. Read the joined statement by UN experts here.

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